About us

Rose Taxis was established by Henry Rose approximately 80 years ago and thereafter sold the business to his drivers who formed the Taxi Association. 

During the course of 1973, the Company was registered as Rose Travel and Enterprises Limited and is presently operating as Rose Taxis, which is managed by three Directors who are elected on three-year terms.
Since the inception of Rose Travel and Enterprises, a banking account was established with a Banking Institution and is being utilized with a very proud record.

Most Financial Institutions, Hospitals and Corporate Businesses have accounts with our Company, of which your Institution is probably also a Credit worthy account holder.

The most remarkable record of this company is that in all its years of existence, not a single passenger has ever been fatally or seriously injured in any accidents involving any of the Company’s drivers.



a)   Rose Taxis operate a 24 hour user friendly service; 

b)   All areas are serviced including the following:  Airports, Casinos, Hospitals, Hotels as well as all Game Reserves.

c)      Tours to all areas are undertaken.

d)      Corporate Accounts are gladly considered.

e)      Courier Service for small parcels and envelopes undertaken. 


Our motto “Your safety is our concern”

a)      All our passengers are covered by a Public Passenger Liability Cover, which is underwritten by a reputable Insurance Company.

b)      We only operate a fully legal fleet of Taxis.

c)      Only reliable owner driven vehicles are in use.

d)      Drivers and vehicles must comply with all  Government specifications and requirements i.e. Driver’s License, Professional Driver’s Permit, Certificate of Fitness, Road Transportation Permit/License issued by the Government and Tariff Card.

The abovementioned Documentation is checked and updated on a regular basis.



The Company is prepared to negotiate a discount with any account holder on accounts settled within seven (7) days after receipt of statement.



The Company has a very strict code of conduct that must be adhered to by all its members.

Proper disciplinary hearings are held under the watchful eye of the Company’s Directors.  In some cases, the presiding officer is a Labour Lawyer or a Labour Consultant.

All incoming calls are properly logged i.e. addresses, dates and times are recorded.

Provision has been made to comply with the Archive Act regarding the safekeeping of all such call sheets for a period of five (7) years.



The Chairman of the Company Mr. S.J. Kgobe serves on the Taxi Council at National level, Provincial level and Local level and has hands on relationship with all transport related issues, while our Company Secretary Mr. S.C. Khathide is also secretary of the South African Metered Taxi Association.

The Company has a membership of Two Hundred and Twenty Four (224) fully legal drivers who, can be seen, as body guards ferrying passengers in and around the country.All members have Personal Accident, Funeral and Life Assurance Cover through the Company.The Company has a full time staff compliment of fifteen (15) people that are housed at 704 SAMRO HOUSE, 20 De Korte Street, Braamfontein, Gauteng.

The following facilities are in operation:

  • Telkom Telephone System;
  • Cell Phone Telephone System which is used as an emergency phone facility;
  • Facsimile;
  • Web Site and E-Mail Services.
  • Rose Taxi App



The Company has about 80 shareholders who equally have one share each.



S.J. Kgobe (Chairman)

S.C. Khathide (Secretary)

M. Ramashia




  Explosion 1: Your safety is our concern
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