Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to ennsure our passengers safety att all costs. This is clearly stated in our motto; “Your safety is our concern”

a)     All our passengers are covered by a Public Passenger Liability Cover, which is underwritten by a reputable Insurance Company.

b)     We only operate a fully legal fleet of Taxis.

c)     Only reliable owner driven vehicles are in use.

d)     Drivers and vehicles must comply with all Government specifications and requirements i.e. Driver’s License, Professional Driver’s Permit, Certificate of Fitness, Road Transportation Permit/License issued by the Government and Tariff Card.


The above mentioned Documentation is checked and updated on a regular basis.


We have a strict code of conduct that must be adhered to by all its members. Proper disciplinary hearings are held under the watchful eye of the Company’s Directors.  In some cases, the presiding officer is a Labour Lawyer or a Labour Consultant.

Provision has been made to comply with the Archive Act regarding the safekeeping of all such call sheets for a period of five (7) years.

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