Why Us

Rose Taxis was established by Henry Rose approximately 80 years ago and thereafter sold the business to his drivers who formed the Taxi Association.

During the course of 1973, the Company was registered as Rose Travel and Enterprises Limited and is presently operating as Rose Taxis, which is managed by three Directors who are elected on three-year terms.


Since the inception of Rose Travel and Enterprises, a banking account was established with a Banking Institution and is being utilized with a very proud record.

Most Financial Institutions, Hospitals and Corporate Businesses have accounts with our Company, of which your Institution is probably also a Credit worthy account holder.


The most remarkable record of this company is that in all its years of existence, not a single passenger has ever been fatally or seriously injured in any accidents involving any of the Company’s drivers.


 Therefore, the Company’s motto; Your Safety is our concern.                                                     





speaks for itself

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